BREAKING NEWS: Purported Blake Lively Topless Pictures Fly Across the Net


Thank you many readers for alerting us to super sexy pictures racing across the Internet of somebody who looks remarkably and incredibly like a very nekkid Blake Lively snapping her own photos in a movie set trailer and perhaps a bathroom, looking all kinds of hot bodied and fully exposed. Who knows where these photos first appeared, or if they're really Blake Lively (though the resemblance is uncanny). With Green Lantern only a couple weeks away, does anybody find it mysterious that first Blake Lively is suddenly being 'spotted' with Leonardo DiCaprio leaving hotels with rumors of a secret tryst, and, now, these certain-to-cause-a-monster-stir pictures appear? Coincidence? Promotional stunt? Maybe, or hardly, or, maybe. We shall see. Enjoy.

(NEWSUPDATE:Celebuzz has an exclusive statement from Blake Lively's rep claiming the photos are fake.)

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MO' UPDATES: Despite Blake's rep's earnest claims these photos are fake, readers are still sending in more images of 'physical evidence' than you see on a season's worth of CSI.  We'll run a few here and there.  Make of them what you will.

Blake Lively seen on the set of Gossip Girl with an iPhone in a black case. A common brand and case no doubt. Could easily be a big coinky-dink as my Grandma used to say.

And there that iPhone is again. But Apple has sold millions of these phones.  In fact, a recent Nielsen study reported that 9.6% of all Americans who own a cell phone have an iPhone. Figure maybe a third use that black case, it's very popular, so maybe 1 in 30 people in this country have that same phone look. Hardly DNA-level conclusive given her reps' firm assertions that these photos are not Blake.

Now, this is just getting silly, but fun... An EgoReader on our Facebook page points out that our good buddy JustJared has photos of Blake Lively purchasing the Reach Design toothbrush which seems to be the same dental hygiene selection for the woman appearing in these nekkid photos. Still, Reach sells a ton of these types of brushes, so it's hardly even worth noting.

MO' MOLE UPDATES: Um, thanks, I think. Our office looks like a dermatology center here with all the tons of pictures of various skin bumps and moles and sunmarks you have all sent in that seemingly suggest that the nekkid women in these photos has very similar skin tags to Blake Lively. But, again, I'm sure several people on this planet share the same precise random skin moles and blotching across their faces and bodies, especially the fair-haired prone to exposing such conditions. This photographic body mapping process hardly overrides a firm denial from Blake's reps.

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