Kirsten Dunst Lip Slip After One Too Many Out in London Town


Kirsten Dunst is a good girl, make no mistake about it. For instance, she's been very good to my fantasy world in so many ways over the years. But, she's never really been one to go full drunken Winehouse in public before, until this past week that is.

When we first saw these photos, we were kind of noticing the unusual site of Kirsten Dunst completely blotto leaving a London nightclub with a friend. But when we saw into her car, and looked a wee bit closer, we noticed something very 'sloppy drunk night' going on -- an upskirt view of the Kirsten panties and, delving further, just a little lip-slipping flashing of the Dunst den, if you know what I'm saying. Hmm, I think it's time to open an entirely new wing in my Kirsten Dunst virtual fantasy room. Enjoy.

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