Aida Nizar Topless Pictures Thrive and Survive in Interviú Magazine


Yep, even Survivor is far better in foreign lands. The bad-assery and sexual tensions, not to mention nudity, raised well beyond the sensitivity level of U.S. brand advertisers. Take for example, Survivor Spain (Supervivientes) where superbad girl and most controversial contestant, Aida Nizar, returns from the Survivor camp back to Spain to be whisked directly into some deliciously topless pictures for Interviú Magazine. Muy bien.

Now, I'm not saying there have been a ton of U.S. Survivors that I'd like to see stripping off their skivvies for a juicy pictorial, and, of course, a few have gone the Full Monty, like Jenna Lewis, whose celebrity sex tape from her wedding night with her husband hit the digisphere a few years back. But, for the most part, it's been a PG-13 type of show run for Survivor U.S. Enjoy.

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