(EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING) Belen Rodriguez Caught Topless on Her Balcony (Reminiscent of Last Year's Public Boot Knocking Scandal)


I have a special place in my heart for women who like to get nekkid in semi-public places. That special place entirely consumes my heart when that woman is a sexy celebrity such as Argentinean transplant to The Boot, Belen Rodriguez. The sultry and sextastic Belen was back on bikini vacation again with her amazingly blessed bastard photographer boyfriend and took time to get full on nekkid with him on the balcony of their hotel room, providing some very nice candid photos in Chi magazine, the scandal sheet of record in Italy.

We threw in some of Belen's day-time bikini romp pictures from this vacation as well for a higher resolution, day-time look at her stellar bikini body and asstastic.

Longer term Belen lusters such as myself will recall that this is not the first time she and photo-boy have been caught in scandalous repose in public before, having been snapped by paps just over a year ago having a little bumping uglies time by the beach. And, yeah, we included photos of that too, because they don't just call you Egotastic! for waking up early in the morning stinking of licorice and beer. Enjoy.

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