Anna Paquin and Janina Gavankar Provide a Double Double of Topless Undead Hotness (VIDEO)

Editor's Note: some media related to Janina Gavankar has been removed at the request of her reps who don't seem to think she's as super hot as me and 10 million of you believe she is; go figure.

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Anna Paquinand Janina Gavankar took to the screens of True Blood this past week to bare their immortal souls, and, more importantly, their unclothed boobtastics, to spice up the vamp-porn show with a double dose of double chesty goodness. While both these supernatural creatures are quite naturally hot, I'd like to give a special shoutout to Anna Paquin, the girl has come a long way since The Piano; clearly, no body doubles in her on-camera nekkid love making scenes. That's the kind of actress who deserves an Oscar, or an Ego Award, she's got that quality lacking in so many other American actresses -- the dare to be bare. Bravo, Anna. Enjoy.

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