HUMPDAY HUZZAH: Slap Some Rosie Jones Outtakes On Your Midday Biscuits


Hard to imagine this week is just half-over. I'm not sure if it's the Cheese O' The Month Club calling for way past due payments or just me avoiding my supposedly illegitimate son, Diego, who is insanely insisting on seeing The Smurf Movie, but this week has ticked by like a high school classroom clock during the Getting to Know Plants and Leaves section of science class. Slow. But, now, it's time to kick this humpday right in the eye with a bountiful bosom courtesy of young, hot glamour model, Rosie Jones, who, on a side note, I'd kill to smurf twice or thrice, and some delicious outtakes from her latest Nuts photoshoot. Bless you, beautiful Rosie, for virtually massaging my midweek blues away. Enjoy.

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