An Ode to My 2011 Rosie Jones Topless Calendar


As the seasons change here and the new year glamour model calendars start a'printing in their Guangdong province factories, I'm feeling a bit wistful for the current top rack talent still hanging on my walls, guiding my own days of our Hottieville lives. I realize now that a year ago I was sobbing like a young girl child over how I was going to miss my 2010 Rosie Jones topless calendar, and I vowed to never lust again. But, as life dictates, time moves ever on, and soon I found myself forgetting about 2010 and virtually making daily sticky-love to my 2011 Rosie Jones calendar. Now, once again, I'm loathe to give it up. Just look at the sextastic that is the young boobtastic Rosie Jones; each new month another glorious testament to her lust-inducement. Alas, Rosie 2011, how will I ever let you go?

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