HUMPDAY HUZZAH: Does Sammy Braddy Have Britain's Finest Melons?


A controversy of the double-barreled kind is brewing in the Old Country since our friends at Zoo magazine named glamorous glam model Sammy Braddy as the rightful owner of Britannia's finest set of knockers. Let me say two things on the matter (one thing for each of those delicious Braddy balloons): first, those are clearly some deliciously amazing milkers of the creamy-rising-to-the-top variety. No doubt, these noteworthy melons do the English peoples proud. But, second, I think it's time we stop with the 'Best of' nonsense, when it comes to all things for which entire categories are simply and udderly amazing.

Best boobs? All sexy celebrity full-frontal cans are 'best' in my book, each, their own uniquely hot form, each their own ticket to subconsciously bound infantile suckling happy thoughts. The 'best' thing is when we bare all boobs; this is the Pareto-optimal lust-inducement equation. Trust. And, enjoy.

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