Leaping Leprechauns! Rihanna Topless Pictures From the Emerald Isle


Éire! Éire!

First, the Irish brought us great malted beverages, then St. Patrick's Day and a great excuse to drink said beverages, and, okay, in between, there was U2, but nobody's perfect, but, now, perhaps the most amazing Irish spectacular of them all -- Rihanna topless.

The Bajan Diva with the body to die for (or, is that kill for?) has been filming her latest racy music video the past couple of days on the blessed homeland of James Joyce and Jedward, and, well, dayum if Rihanna didn't flash her lucky charms during a covered topless shot that went momentarily uncovered. Blessedly, bra-hands are never 100% guaranteed. Enjoy.

(P.S. We threw in some new shots of Rihanna's street scenes during Day 2 of her video shoot. Check out that booty body. This video is going to be something.)

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