Purported Victoria Santos Topless Cell Phone Pictures Leaked Amid Her Soccer Player Boot Knocking Scandal


While North America prepares for its inevitable next leaked celebrity cell phone naughty pictures to arrive (and you know that spigot has been barely tapped), Sudamericana celeb PDAs continue to leak like sieves, including the bodaciously bare boobtastic wonderments of Victoria Santos, a cheeky model and TV personality from down Argentina way who has been much in the local news of late for apparently bumping uglies with Jonathan Ferrari, the soccer star boyfriend of Cinthia Fernandez, another sextastic Latina TV personality and dancing show sensation who we've featured a couple times on Egotastic! before. Ah, what a glorious mess.

Meanwhile, these leaked personal pictures purportedly of Victoria Santos might give some indication of why a soccer star might decide to start firing his balls into a different goal, pursuing the flesh of lease resistance, as it were.

And, don't you know, as all good sex scandals go, Victoria Santos called into a TV show this past week to explain directly to Cinthia Fernandez why she was stealing her man. If you speak the Spanish, you'll find this viritual bitch slapping TV clip quite amusing. Enjoy.

(We'll update as we get information from our local readers down Buenos Aires way.)

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