Lis Vega Does Naughty Things With A Horse In Her Playboy Pictorial


I do so appreciate how you all put up with my personal passion for south of the border telenovela hotties. Though I still urge you to grab the signal from your neighbor with the unlicensed satellite dish and tilt it toward Mexico City to catch sappy sexy soaps such as Amorcito Corazón, where you can see the likes of 30-something Latin TV star, Lis Vega, getting all overacting and hot on the boob tube. And, of course, the very best part is that so many of the telenovela sextastic have no problem baring their all for the magazine cameras, displaying their true characters, without a shred of clothing. Cuban-born seductress Lis Vega covers the November edition of Playboy Mexico, flashing her total resume, and making one horse feel like the Derby Winner. Muy sexual.

You can read more about Lis' acting career on her IMDB page.

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