Morena Baccarin and Brianna Brown Flash Their Half-Nekkid Bodies to Protect The Homeland (VIDEOS)


If there's one thing I know about national security, it's that the more hot women involved, the safer we are as a nation. Well, maybe not safer, but definitely more fun. Still, I can easily get behind any TV show selling the tale that hot topless tail is our best chance for survival. On that front, the new Showtime series, Homeland, delivers the bouncing bed knockers with deft dexterity.

In last night's episode, not only did we get yet another visual taste of the delightful bare ta-ta's of Morena Baccarin, but say hello and howdy, topless Ma'am, to Brianna Brown, who gets an A-for-effort in the funbags on television grading scale. Poo! I say to those who bemoan the decline in good programming on the cable box, there's plenty to soak up and plenty to soak in thanks to an entirely new wave of shows just for us adults (and those of us pretending to be adults). Enjoy.

Morena Baccarin

morena-baccarin-sexy-topless-TV-sceneby EgotasticMedia

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