Name That Actress! Uncredited Thespianic Steals the Topless Show on Homeland (VIDEO)


I'm sure you know by now  that Egotastic! managed to save about sixteen cases, or cartons, or maybe it's cratefuls of the inspiring energy slash homeless drunk drink, Four Loko, before it vanished several months ago from the store shelves. While this epic act of salvation is not without its inherent honor, consuming the Four Loko before our landlord finds it has created something of a workplace ethics vacuum of late. Not the least of which fallout is nobody here among our primarily imported Thai tween-staffers able to find me the name of the uncredited actress who stole the show on last night's second episode ever of Showtime's Homeland, with a boobtastic full frontal for the television ages. Well, certainly when you throw in the hint of girl-on-girl action and some panties grabbing, it's right up there.

So, dear Readers, we're counting on you -- name that girl

UPDATED TO ADD: Thanks to many of you who wrote in through email or on our Egotastic! Facebook page. Seems to confirm Melissa Benoist as the girl behind the Sunday night anonymous boob tube display.

uncredited-actress-sexy-role-topless-TVby EgotasticMedia

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