Paz De La Huerta Drops the Full Frontal Preggo on Boardwalk Empire (VIDEO)


Paz de la Huerta is not the first woman I've ever seen standing nekkid, preggo, and crying in the mirror, but she is the first one not to throw paternity papers in my face when she saw me. So, there's that.

Lust her or not, there's no denying that Paz de la Huerta puts her everything into her roles, most especially of late on Boardwalk Empire where she routinely shows everything, a trait so rare in the American actress that it alone is hand-clap worthy, just no standing ovations until you're done fully ogling. Now, I know, many of you have trouble viewing the beauty in the bare with-child woman. Contrastingly, some of you are ready to empty your life savings for five minutes of fetish petting with a swollen belly and milky udders. It takes all kinds. Personally, I highly value the procreative process in all its glory, most especially the few impassioned minutes of super glory that gets it all started. Enjoy.

paz-de-la-huerta-nekkid-and-preggo-sceneby EgotasticMedia

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