Courtney Love Surprisingly Drunk and Flashing Her Funbags to a Sao Paolo Concert Audience


Shocking, I know, but Courtney Love let herself get a bit carried away during her concert Sunday night in Sao Paolo, and, in addition to some drunken rambling rants about 'Kurt fans' and Dave Grohl being an a-hole, Courtney managed to bare her long suffering boobtastic for the amped up crowd, apparently so amped up they didn't realize those were Courtney Love flesh puppies on display, not one of their countless Brazilian hotties.

For the record, we've seen Courtney Love in concert in the past couple of years. As generally fond fans of Hole, it's mostly just lame and disappointing what's become of her angry music turned into just dumb drunken pointless rants and hardly the breath to sing. Meh. But, eh, boobs. Enjoy.

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