Josie Goldberg Wardrobe Malfunctions Make Lycra Cry All Over Her Big-Boned Body


If you love chunky Chosen girls from Russia, then you're already in secret and dark lust with reality show everywhere Josie Goldberg, who has had the ignominious distinction of making a few 'worst celebrity bikini body' lists. But, I say, give a big girl a chance. Especially when she's still trying to fit into the old bathing suit from her skinnier jeans days and the wardrobe malfunctions are happening top and bottom, with nipple slips above and some kind of swimsuit-munching carpet wedgie below; there's a lot going on here. The day before, Josie was also flashing her full-figured flesh mounds in a blue bikini, and, what the heck, since we're introducing Josie today by way of funbaggery, we threw in some topless beach photos of her from over this past summer.

Apparently, Josie's been hitting the bacon and cheese side of the salad bar a little too heavy (you know that side, don't you?), but what can be said of a bouncy flouncy big-boobed celebrity other than you don't have to worry about any sharp edges. Enjoy.

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