Melissa George Tweaks Her Topless Ta's in 'The Slap' (VIDEO)


You may know sexy celeb Melissa George from her many TV roles both in the U.S. on Alias and Grey's Anatomy and a ton others, and Home and Away in her Aussie homeland, or her film roles in 30 Days of Night and in The Limey, where I first remember her, but, pretty soon, most everybody is going to be calling her Russell Simmon's much younger girlfriend as she's become the main squeeze of the hip hop mogul of late.

Still, the Egotastic! man keeps his eye on the prize, or prizes is, as in Melissa George extended topless bathtub scene (including some self-nip-tweaks) in her current TV show, The Slap. The show is a bit heavy for our own juvenile interests, but it seems it may be time we start paying a bit more attention to certain particulars of the show. Enjoy.

melissa-george-sexy-bathtub-sceneby EgotasticMedia

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