Oh, Happy Days: Leeann Tweeden Finally Takes Her Top Off for the Bunny


Ten years ago I met up and coming sports reporting babe from The Best Damn Sports Show, Leeann Tweeden in person, and all I could think at the time was (oh, okay, yes, smart girl, great personality, etc. etc.) how badly I waned to see her topless. Certainly not an original male dream, but this one I remember quite profoundly. Since that time, Leeann has continued to cover sports for FSN and modeled in Maxim and FHM (she was the last covergirl before FHM stop publishing in the U.S.), and tons of sexy poses from this Virginia Is For Lovers native girl, but never got to see the fabulous funbags. Now, it's game on thanks to our friends at Playboy magazine and their Christmas month edition.

Just like JFK called for a lunar landing before the decade was out, my call to see Leeann Tweeden super hot and without a top within ten years was a bold, but now fulfilled prediction. Today, I share Leeann's bare moons with you. Enjoy.

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