Tatiana Gil Topless Pictures Make for the Perfect Travel Planning Guide (VIDEO)


One of these days, we're gassing up the Egotastic! '87 Winnebago we bought in a trade for Pho Phur, our technical support genius, and we're heading down the Pan American highway, except unlike Che Guevara who went looking for meaning, we're going looking for an endless array of Sudamericana hot bodies. Without doubt, we'll be having a very very long layover in Colombia, where our friends at SoHo magazine have helped us over the past year to pre-order our visitation lineup of the most sextastic of their nation's celebrity fineries, not the least of which is Tatiana Gil, who actually threw us into a 47-minute long catatonic drool fest when we first saw her topless pictures and behind the scenes video from her pictorial.

It was like your first memory of ice cream as a child, you just knew it was something you were going to love for the rest of your life. Disfruta.

tatiana-gil-soho-photoshoot-btsby EgotasticMedia

<iframe frameborder="0" width="480" height="270" src="http://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/xm4hgp"></iframe>

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