Tori Spelling Leaked Accidental Topless Picture Will Leave You Feeling Confused

(Okay, up above is the cover shot. It's just plain old Tori Spelling. Proceed inside only if you want to see the bare Tori boobs.)


Tori Spelling has been accused of being many things in the past, but one of them has never been for being too clever. But, in comparison to what her husband Dean McDermott did last night, I suppose she wins out in the IQ races by a point or two. In snapping a photo of their son (blurred out in our photo, we do have respect for the innocent, especially those forced to grow up Spelling), the not-too-savvy husband failed to notice bare-swollen-flesh-puppied wife Tori in the background. Kind of hard to miss. But, a Tweeting he did go with his picture, before he realized the error of his ways and removed the photo.

But not fast enough... Make of it what you will.

P.S. Yes, there's no way to know for sure that's Tori Spelling in the background. And, yes, if it's not, Dean McDermott has a more serious problem on his hands.

(Thanks to EgoFans who alerted us to this unique look at Tori, including 'Terry O.' and ''Roger D.'

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