Fox Hunt: Mrs. Claus’s Astoundingly Ogle-able Asstastic Returns, Because You’ve Been Good Boys All Year

Except you. We all heard about your deviant exploits with the rabbit at the pet store. The pretense that your pants inadvertently fell down deceives no one. No one!

Everybody else is welcome to join us in the gallery, where we celebrate the holiday season with an encore festive-flesh fest. It's another salutation to Santa's Hugh Hefner-esque talents: accruing a bevy of sexy young wives that would be the envy of a Sultan's harem; even though the old bastard's face is as wrinkled as a camel's scrotum. Take a leering look above, we defy you not to leave the gallery infused with a fresh appreciation of the holiday spirit and/or rather tighter pants.

Incidentally, today's gratuitous gaming fact -you know us, we like to arouse and educate!- is that Santa Rockstar is released for iDevices today. Avoid this musical abomination as you would a leper that thrusts his germ-ridden genitalia in your mailbox.

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